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Nobel Peace Prize

Never before has the Nobel Prize Ceremony been aired across America in its entirety. Every December 10th, JLTV broadcasts the Nobel Prize Ceremony live and direct from Stockholm, Sweden. Jews have been the recipients of twenty seven percent of the Nobel Prizes awarded.

donate_eichmannEichmann Trial Series

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donate_airlandseaAir, Land & Sea

The Jewish community represents the most vibrant traveling marketplace. JLTV has produced programs focusing on dozens of countries around the world, focusing on general customs and culture as well as Jewish sites of interest.

donate_yomHashoaYom HaShoah

JLTV broadcasts live from Yad Vashem, the World Center for Holocaust Education and Commemoration for the Six Million in Jerusalem. The President and Prime Minister of Israel attend this emotional and sensitive memorial. The JLTV family of viewers makes this commemoration the most viewed Yom HaShoah event in the world.

donate_yomHaAtzmautYom HaAtzmaut

Every year, JLTV produces an Israel birthday celebration to recognize the Jewish homeland’s reason for being. Stories of the pioneers of Israel with archival footage, along with Israeli folk music from the past to Israeli rap music of the present. It’s a moment to rejoice.

donate_4thofjuly4th of July

JLTV has produced historical perspectives of America and its Jewish population. Our viewers learn about such heroes as Haym Solomon, who helped to finance the American Revolution. He raised (in today’s currency) several billions of dollars to clothe and feed the Revolutionary Army. Uriah P. Levy, the first Commodore of the U.S. Navy, was responsible for the abolishment of corporal punishment and walking the plank.


Authentic Wisdom of Kabbalah

From family issues to education, from global crisis to nature’s laws, Authentic Wisdom of Kabbalah offers Kabbalah Revealed and Ask the Kabbalist, introducing a variety of Kabbalah principles and answers to our most commonly-asked questions.



Roz Rothstein, CEO of StandWithUs, hosts this show which focuses on balancing media interpretations of Israel, campus anti-Semitism, and highlights Israel’s achievements, including human rights, technology and humanitarianism, with exciting and accomplished guests from around the world.

The General Assembly

Held in the fall by the Jewish Federations of North America, representing over 300 Jewish communities on the continent. Thousands gather to discuss local, regional, national and international issues. JLTV broadcasts the major plenary sessions live.

Shalom Sesame

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Maccabiah Games

Every four years, JLTV broadcasts live the Opening Ceremonies and various competitive events of the two-week sports adventure that has become the third largest sporting event in the world behind the Olympics and the World Cup. Nearly 10,000 athletes from nearly 70 countries participate in this astounding moment in time.

AIPAC Conference

Every spring, JLTV broadcasts live the largest gathering of supporters of Israel. Held in Washington, D.C., our network highlights three days of AIPAC programming at this important policy conference. In attendance are America and Israel’s leading political figures.

Chanukah Programming

Spelled 18 different ways, Chanukah is the eight-day family holiday that allows the community to share in the story of perseverance. JLTV broadcasts its annual Chanukah Special on the Sunday before the start of the holiday. Filled with song and story, ways to decorate your home and serve Chanukah delicacies, JLTV Chanukah Programming has become an annual treat for homes across America.

Holiday  Programming

Broadcast live and tape-delayed on JLTV annually. It is difficult for some of America’s Jewish population to get to synagogue. Many of the Jewish people now live in rural areas miles from the nearest synagogue. JLTV brings the holiday spirit to these families. JLTV also broadcasts to our Armed Forces stationed around the world.
Shabbat Friday

Shabbat Services

Broadcast by JLTV from all types of synagogues. The network has broadcast a Shabbat service live from the beach at Malibu, hosted by the Malibu Jewish Community Center.