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Over the past 40 years, JLTV has conducted hundreds of interviews with leaders, artists, entertainers, athletes. heads of government. Each interview captures the Jewish story of each person and shares the essence of what inspires them as people and as Jews.


Phil Blazer, the founder of JLTV, meant these stories to be your treasure. He recorded each interview to be shared for generations to experience the best of Judaism and the Jewish people.


These stories are about to be lost without your help.


This year, we are striving to preserve Phil’s legacy by digitizing hundreds of interviews that Phil conducted with Jewish leaders, making them accessible to the whole JLTV community and for scholars and students to learn from and use in research to better appreciate the Jewish people and its many contributions to our society.


Join Jewish Life Foundation In Securing the Legacy of JLTV and Phil Plazer

Donate from your Phone: Text JLTV to 4144


The culture and legacy of the Jewish people must survive.

Help us Continue Phil's Legacy by digitizing hundreds of interviews with Jewish leaders from across the world.

You can unlock the beauty and meaning of Judaism and the Jewish people for students, scholars and people across the world.

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